Legal Assistance Services

Sales Contract Services: After the completion of the sale and reservation fee, the after-sales team gets in the game. In the purchase contract, our consultants will examine the contract with you in detail. If there is a point in the contract that you do not understand or have questions about, we provide you with clear answers.

Tax number: We are going to the tax office with our client and taking the tax number together.
Passport Translation: Passport translation required to buy a property. We provide translation services of the information needed by the client.
Certified Translator Service: It is important that the all buying process is clear and transparent. So we provide certified translator service for counseling.
Power of Attorney Service: If the client cannot be involved in the process, you can give power of attorney to our company and we will do all transactions on your behalf.
Notary Service: We go to the notary with the client for a reliable after-sales process.
Transportation Services: All the after-sales and subsequent services are carried out by our company while all the transportation works.

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