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About iCanBuy

We are a real estate and consultancy company that was established in January 2011 as a private company and officially assumed the title in 2014. As a company, not only do we listen to our customers, find out their needs, but also offer them a real estate to fit their needs. Moreover, our services are not only limited to housing sales, we continue to meet your needs throughout and after the sales process. The sales and marketing activities which we offer, take place in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul.

We are among the leaders in our sector. Since our establishment, we have offered services to over 2000 international buyers. Our achievements have caught the eyes of investors over time and as of 2019, we have remarkably increased our capital through the investment of an international company.

Apart from real estate consultancy services, In 2017, we entered the construction sector and founded Arkiteka Construction. In Edirne, we implemented the 73-unit “Concept Edirne” project.

The secret to our success at ICanBuy lies in our emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

Why Choose Us?

What makes us stand out amongst the other companies is the systematic and institutional conduct of our business. In this sense, with the amazing work by our long-term team, we are blazing a trail in this sector. Our customers are made feel at home as we are there for our customers during the after-sales process and continue to provide them with what they need.

So how does the house buying process work? As ICanBuy, we never leave you alone after an important decision to buy a home. Our sales team is always in communication and cooperation with you. In line with your demands and expectations, you will be working with a real team, not a single person. We care about team spirit and teamwork. With this philosophy, we manage this process in a way that will not leave you alone before and after-sales.

We are aware that buying a house abroad is a very delicate process. We manage this process for you with the common mind and cooperation of our sales team, after-sales team and managing directors.

What Do We Do At Home and Abroad?

We work in multiple cities. We primarily work in cities of interest to international buyers such as Istanbul, Bursa, Yalova, Antalya, and Trabzon. Abroad, we serve our clients from China, Pakistan, Europe, and the MENA region. We also have collaboration offices in the UK, Hong Kong, and Pakistan.

We have one-to-one meetings. We’re doing monthly events in the international markets that are interested in the real estate market in Turkey. From Dubai to London, from Dortmund to Doha, in various parts of the world, we come together with our clients who care for buying a house from Turkey. These one-to-one meetings; also hosts visitors who just want to get an idea about buying a house or seem interested in the possibilities.

We are versatile. In addition to our real estate and construction projects, we also offer package programs to the contractors and conduct sales management for their projects.

Where are we based in? Our headquarters is located in Beylikduzu, the west center of Istanbul, with a staff of 30 people, and also serves Turkish clients with our second location in the same district.


It can feel complicated, time-consuming and even costly when preparing to move into a new home in a foreign country. A reputable real estate agent with a fully dedicated after-sales service is essential while buying a property in a foreign country. It is important that you select an estate agent that provides a dedicated after-sales service. Here’s how we can help. As ICanBuy, we offer exclusive services to our clients who move to Turkey and keep their peace of mind while away from their homeland.

We specialize in helping people make smart property decisions. We acknowledge that our customers may need other services after they receive the property. From the moment you pay your reservation deposit our team will be holding your hand. Your dedicated after-sales executive will be there for you in each and every step of the way and talk you through the buying process. This includes our on-point services designed to help you after the transaction itself. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a homeowner, our advice is always tailored and transparent.

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