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About iCanBuy

“iCanBuy Real Estate Investments” is established to provide quality service to the foreigners demanding any kind of a real estate in Turkey. Aiming to place at the disposal of its customers, “iCanBuy” represents quality residence projects/developers (such as Ihlas Holding Construction Group) in the international arena, providing those sales and marketing support. Due to having a strong and professional team, iCanBuy provides legal consultancy for its customers in addition to brokerage services. “Professionalism” and “sincerity” are of iCanBuy’s privileges.

“iCanBuy” plays a significant role in “the represented Companies” by marketing their Projects abroad in their home country.

As to the agreement reached between “iCanBuy” and each “Developer Company”, “iCanBuy” is fully authorized to sell

apartments/residences/shops within the Projects at the prices as for Turkish Citizens and mostly asking for no additional cost(s)/commission(s) from its customers.


It can feel complicated, time-consuming and even costly when preparing to move into a new home in a foreign country. A reputable real estate agent with a fully dedicated after-sales service is essential while buying a property in a foreign country. It is important that you select an estate agent that provides a dedicated after-sales service. Here's how we can help. As ICanBuy, we offer exclusive services to our clients who move to Turkey and keep their peace of mind while away from their homeland.

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