Things to do in Istanbul

Here are some things to do in Istanbul, a city full of history, culture and entertainment:

Visit Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque:
Explore Hagia Sophia, the historic church turned into a mosque and then into a museum.
Visit the stunning Blue Mosque, famous for its arches and magnificent blue domes.
Walking around Sultanahmet Square:
Enjoy the beauty of Sultanahmet Square and discover its historical landmarks such as the Sultanahmet Fountain and the Ahmadiyya Mosque.
Bazaar tour:
Visit the Grand Bazaar to shop and explore various traditional products such as carpets, jewelry and antiques.
Boat trip on the Bosphorus:
Charter a boat for an enchanting Bosphorus cruise to enjoy stunning views of the city from the water.
Visit Topkapi Palace:
Explore the magnificent and royal Topkapi Palace which was considered the residence of the Ottoman Sultans.
A tour of the Sultanahmet area:
Walk around the Sultanahmet neighborhood and enjoy the delicious taste of Turkish food in local restaurants.
Visit the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art:
Enjoy the impressive art collection at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, which features works by Turkish and international artists.
Explore the night life:
Discover the vibrant nightlife in areas such as Taksim and Beykoz, and enjoy live Turkish music and cultural evenings.
Visiting the Princes Islands:
Take a ferry trip to the Princes’ Islands and enjoy the enchanting nature, stunning views and fresh air.
Explore the Turkish baths:
Book a session at one of the traditional Turkish baths to relax and experience a massage and body care.
These are just some of the things you can do in Istanbul, and there are many wonderful places to explore in this wonderful city, full of culture and history.

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