3 Unknown Places for Tourists in Istanbul

Goksu River

Goksu River is known for its clear waters and tranquillity, allowing you to wander around it, or enjoy a boat tour.
when you are thier don’t forget to visit lovely My Moon caffe

Goksu River is a Popular Destination for Tourist and Locals Editorial Photo  - Image of season, landmark: 133644516

Kucuksu Palace

Kucuksu Palace dates back to 1856 and sits on the bank of the Bosphorus Strait, on an area of approximately 400 metres, established as a rest for horse riders and fishers.

This palace has distinctive features including carved ceilings with exquisite decorations and manuscripts and the outstanding colours of marble.

What stands out about it are the style of the stairs, the small water basin, the furniture imported from Europe, and its rare oil paintings.Visitors love to enjoy a tour outside the palace on the lake and the surrounding fountain.

Küçüksu Palace (Küçüksu Kasri) - What To Know BEFORE You Go | Viator

Mimar Sinan Urban Forest

Mimar Sinan Forest is located in Zubeyde Hanim of the Sultan Gazi region of Istanbul, on an area of more than 3 million and 400,000 square meters, one of Istanbul’s most beautiful forests.

Opened to visitors in 2012, the forest is an ideal place for family picnics and family walks, and enjoying the most beautiful times.

The forest features a beautiful lake dam overlooked by a high wooden tower where you can enjoy the finest views of the clean water mixed with greenery.

Many mosques, football playgrounds, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts have been established, as well as cycling and racing trails.

MİMAR SİNAN ŞEHİR ORMANI | T.C. Sultangazi Belediyesi

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